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Viral Transduction

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Lentiviral Product Selection Guide

Use the list below to choose the right lentiviral product for your research

Lentiviral Vector Selection Guide

Learn more about the core elements that we use in all our lentiviral vectors and see schematics of each vector type.

CMV Promoter Vectors

Express high levels of your transgene from a strong CMV promoter.

EF1 Alpha Promoter Vectors

Express your gene of interest from an EF-1 alpha promoter in all cell types, including those in which CMV promoters are often silenced, such as hematopoietic and stem cells.

All-In-One Tetracycline-Inducible Expression Systems

Single-vector system to easily generate inducible expression constructs with high fold induction.

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Vectors to Control Protein Levels (ProteoTuner)

Clone your gene downstream of a ProteoTuner destabilization domain (DD) and rapidly control the level of your protein with Shield1 or Guard1.

Fluorescent Protein Expression Vectors

Monitor expression and transduction efficiency with bright red, cyan and green fluorescent proteins.

IRES Bicistronic Vectors

Co-express your transgene and an antibiotic or fluorescent marker using IRES-containing lentiviral vector systems.

Inducible Protein Dimerization Vectors (iDimerize)

Fuse Dmr domains to your protein(s) of interest and induce dimerization with a homo- or heterodimerizer ligand.

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Promoter Reporter Vectors (Luciferase)

Monitor activity of your favorite promoter using a secreted luciferase.

Promoter Reporter Vectors (Fluorescent Protein)

Monitor activity of your favorite promoter using a destabilized cyan, green or red fluorescent protein.

Cell Capture Vectors (CherryPicker)

Capture a homogeneous cell population on beads, based on gene expression or promoter activity.

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High-Titer Lentiviral Packaging System—Pantropic (VSV-G) Pseudotype

Obtain titers of >107 IFU/ml. If you are not currently getting at least 107 IFU/ml, you need this HTX system.

High-Titer Lentiviral Ecotropic Packaging System

Get the same high titers, but with virus that has an ecotropic envelope. This limits transduction to murine cells or human cells manipulated to express the mCAT1 receptor.

Integrase-Deficient Lentiviral Packaging System

Produce lentivirus that does not integrate into the target cell genome.

Lenti-X 293T Cell Line

Not all 293T cell lines are created equal. This one was clonally selected to produce high lentiviral titers.

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Ten-minute Titer Test

Decide if there is enough lentivirus in your culture supernatant, using a simple kit that works like a pregnancy test kit.

ELISA Titration Kit

Measure the amount of p24 capsid protein present in your viral supernatant and correlate it directly with lentivirus titer.

qRT-PCR Titration Kit

Use a fast and simple quantitative RT-PCR kit to measure lentivirus titer.

Integrated Provirus Quantitation Kit

Determine how many lentiviral genomes have integrated into your target cells, e.g. the copy number.

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Lenti-X Concentrator

Increase lentivirus titer 100X—no ultracentrifugation. Just mix your lentiviral supernatant with the lentivirus concentration reagent, incubate for a short period, and spin the mixture in a standard centrifuge.

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Magnetic Transduction Beads

Perform lentiviral transduction in only 30 min using the magnetic beads supplied with the Lenti-X Accelerator. Simply bind your viral supernatant to the beads and pull lentivirus or retrovirus to your cells with a magnet.

RetroNectin Reagent

Coat your culture dish with this multivalent molecule to significantly increase transduction efficiency. RetroNectin co-localizes lentivirus (or retrovirus) particles with your target cell. Perfect for hard-to-transduce suspension cells and stem cells.

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Ecotropic Receptor Booster

Efficiently transduce human cells with ecotropic retrovirus or lentivirus that otherwise could only infect rodent cells. The booster consists of concentrated exosome-like vesicles that are densely coated with the mCAT-1 receptor protein, the target for ecotropic viruses.

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Lenti-X Maxi Purification Kit

Simple—just like plasmid maxi-preps. A gentle gravity-flow-based purification procedure is the key to maintaining viral infectivity and producing excellent lentivirus yields of up to 80%.

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