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Transfection & Cell Culture

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What are Xfect Single Shots?

Xfect Single Shots
  • Simple: ONE tube = ONE Transfection
  • Optimized: Pre-aliquoted and lyophilized
  • Fast: 10 minute transfection protocol

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State-of-the-art transfection technology

Xfect is a cationic polymer that binds DNA. It has low cytotoxicity, which means higher cellular viability. Because the Xfect polymer is biodegradable and the transfection protocol doesn’t require serum removal, your cells will stay healthier, resulting in a much higher transfection efficiency. Xfect requires minimal reaction optimization: Each individual Xfect Single Shots tube comes pre-aliquoted with everything you need to perform a transfection quickly and easily. Just add your DNA!

Comparison of Xfect and Product L for cell viability

Xfect transfection reagent yields higher numbers of transfected, viable cells than a popular competitor reagent. Xfect and Product L were each used according to their respective protocols to transfect HeLa cells with increasing amounts of plasmid DNA encoding the Living Colors fluorescent protein, AcGFP1. 48 hr posttransfection, AcGFP1 expression was assessed by flow cytometry in order to determine transfection efficiency and cell viability was assessed by trypan dye exclusion assay.

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