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Neural Stem Cell Culture Media

RHB-A and RHB-Basal is a fully defined, serum-free cell culture medium for the derivation, maintenance, expansion, and differentiation of human and mouse neural stem (NS) cells. RHB-A is specifically formulated for culturing pure populations of adherent human and mouse NS cells. This optimized medium ensures the long-term stability of NS cell differentiation capacity (1) and can be used to support differentiation of human and mouse NS cells into functional neurons (1–3) and of mouse ES cells into neural precursors (4–6).

RHB‐Basal does not contain any growth factors or neuronal supplements.  Therefore, this media can be tailored to the specific requirements of your cell type by the addition of supplements.

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  • RHB-A is a proprietary, fully defined, and serum-free medium designed to maintain pure populations of adherent human and mouse NS cells
  • RHB-Basal medium is animal component-free and contains no neuronal supplements; the media can be customized by the addition of supplements


  • Derivation of mouse and human NS cells from ES cells and fetal and adult tissues
  • Maintenance and propagation of adherent mouse and human NS cells
  • Differentiation of mouse and human NS cells into functional neurons
  • Differentiation of mouse ES cells to neuronal precursors
  • Refer to the Data Sheet for additional examples of use


  • 500 ml medium


  1. Sun, Y. et al. (2008) Long‐term tripotent differentiation capacity of human neural stem (NS) cells in adherent culture. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 38:245–258
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Additional Information

Please refer to technical documents under the Documents tab for storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications.

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