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Cloning & Competent Cells

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Seamless Cloning with In-Fusion Cloning Kits—No Ligation

Change the way you think about cloning! Eliminate subcloning forever, and never add an unnecessary base to your project. Just one quick reaction allows you to recover your final construct. Use In-Fusion HD Cloning Plus kits to seamlessly and directionally clone one or more fragments into any vector, with high accuracy and high fidelity. This versatile system easily outpaces any traditional cloning method, including ligation and TA cloning:

Save Time Be Efficient Don’t Compromise on Flexibility
One 15 min. reaction for single or multiple fragments Single insert cloning yields 95–100% Clone any insert into any location within any vector
No additional treatment of PCR fragments required Multiple insert cloning yields 90–100% Seamless cloning—no extra base pairs left over
No subcloning—get your final construct on the 2nd day Large inserts or vectors are not a problem—clone directly into your expression plasmid Primer design lets you easily preserve or eliminate restriction sites at cloning junctions

Do I want to use Cloning Enhancer (CE)?

Insert PCR produces a single clean band; CE removes background plasmid DNA and PCR residue prior to cloning Insert PCR produces more than one product; NucleoSpin Gel and PCR Clean-Up kits are suitable for PCR purification and gel extraction

Do I want the Liquid or EcoDry format?

Feature In-Fusion HD EcoDry Kits In-Fusion HD Liquid Kits
Pre-aliquoted, lyophilized components that minimize handling errors  
Room temperature storage, saving freezer space and eliminating freeze-thaw cycles  
Ability to customize: reaction volumes and/or plasticware

All In-Fusion HD Cloning Plus Kits contain CloneAmp HiFi PCR premix, In-Fusion HD enzyme premix, and reagents for control experiments (linearized vector, 2kb insert).

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